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Issue 18
Winter 2016
Lighting Our Darkness


In/Stead is an arts journal that exists as a companion publication to Double Dialogues but with a primary emphasis on creative arts practices and the processes of art creation. Visit the new In/Stead website here.


Praeludium & Villanella

Szymon Żuchowski is a Warsaw-based poet, translator, and independent classical music journalist who studied Applied Linguistics before turning to piano and harpsichord.

The Ontology of Political Song: Some Ideas from Badiou

Cardiff University
My thinking for this essay involved a progressive narrowing of focus from ontology of art to ontology of music and thence, via ontology of song, to that even more specific or pared-down object-domain that I have dubbed 'the ontology of political song.

A Tilted Tale: How the Sydney Opera House got its seats

University of Sydney
Long considered irredeemably flawed, the post-Utzon history of the Sydney Opera House has been largely neglected by historians. Utzon’s successor, Peter Hall, inherited a magnificent shell but a huge dilemma – how to reconcile a changed brief for the uses of the building.

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why do things break?

New York Event: Why Do Things Break?

Double Dialogues is calling for presentations on the theme of 'Why Do Things Break?' for an international workshop meeting in New York, April, 2017.