Issue Eight, 2007/08
Art & Lies I
Society; Politics; History & Performance

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The School of Lies / Paul Monaghan

Deception, Loss and Modernity in Fiji / John O’Carroll

Fabric(-ation)s Beyond Measure

The History of the Lie of Innocence / Rod Le Cudennec

Manning Clark. Writing history to understand the world we live in. / Samantha Young

Multiculturalism/Impersonation/Globalization / Michael Meehan

Theatre and Philosophy: the lies in Plato’s closet / Paul Monaghan

Manoeuvring Light: utopian urbanity and its ecological cost / Geoff Berry

Lies We Live

The Last Economist: Adam Smith and the transvaluation of values (cyber capitalism in DeLillo’s Comospolis) / Scott Rawlings

The Lie of the Ground: Aesthetics and Australian Football / Stephen Alomes

Aporia Australis: Lies and Responsibility / Grayson Cooke

Lies and Liars Uncovered

Perverse Performances by Skilful Liars: Shakespeare’s Iago and Mamet’s Billy and Mike / John Jacobs

Re-inscribing the Historic Film Frame / Dirk de Bruyn

Documentary Deception / Ian Gaskell

Genre Lies

Documentary Facts and Lies / Simon Wilmot

‘Stop telling me stories’ (she said) / Stephen Goddard

Melancholy Secrets; Rosa Praed’s Encrypted Father / Jennifer Rutherford

Pseudologia Phantastica: Performance, Discursive Lies and Critical Fictions / Barry Laing

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