Issue Seven, Winter 2007
On Space
cover image on space

Shaping Space: Notes on the Problem of Space in Art and Philosophy / Barry Empson and Tim Mehigan

Unfinished Episodes / Dougal McNeil

Picturing Space: Theo Schoon, Ross Crothall and Visual Art in the Pacific / Anthea Gunn

Interconnections in Blakean and Metamodern Space / Alexandra Dumitrescu

The Space of Palimpsest / Neil Fettling

The Gestalt in the Machine: Ecological, Historical and Cultural Space in the Literature of Halldór Laxness / Scott Rawlings

Linguistic Variation across Space – the Study of Dialects / Angela Gracia

The Representation of War in Museums / Kate McCulloch

‘Timespace’ – The Interplay of Material and Imaginative Spaces in a Physical Theatre Production of Heiner Müller’s Quartett / Bronwyn Tweddle

(falling into) the space between the screen and the audience / Stephen Goddard

Figure, Ground and Framing in Contemporary Hollywood Cinema / Michael Schraa

Photographic Space and the Indian Portrait Studio / Wendy Garden

Double Gazing and Novel Spaces – Examining Narrated and Manifest Photographs in the Novel / Peter Davis

Presentation and Representation of Time and Space in Chinese Traditional Theatre: with Special Reference to The Peony Pavilion / Xiaohuan Zhao [PDF 200kb]

Metaphors of Spectatorial Space in Beckett’s and Ionesco’s Theatre / Octavian Saiu

Pakehatanga in Performance – Local Bodies Navigating Theatre Space in Aotearoa/New Zealand; with Special Reference to ‘Fishnet’, a Dance Work / Adriann Smith

Space and Loss: Spirituality and Symbolic Connectedness in Contemporary Culture / David Ritchie

Circumlocution: Richard Long’s Double Dialogue with Space / Ann Poulsen

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